Tattoo Pricing

We do not price tattoos over the phone, email, text messages or FB Messenger.

We need to see the canvas in person to see if the tattoo you want will work in the place you would like to place it. Sizing, coloring, and complexion play a role in pricing. We will go over with you, when discussing your tattoo options.

There are some shops that will quote you a price and even book you an appointment without seeing you. In our opinion shops are not looking to give you the best possible tattoo. We feel our clients deserve more.


At this time all tattoos are by appointment only. In order to schedule a tattoo, come in for a free consultation. Consultations are by appointment or walk in.  We quote you a fair price for the art and service you will receive. 

Hours for consultations:

Thursday-Monday, walk-in 1:00 pm-6:00 pm or by appointment

We do require a $50-$100 deposit for all appointments. The shop’s minimum is $75.