Tattoo Removal

Emergency tattoo removal can be performed within 48 hours of the initial tattoo


If you just had tattooing done elsewhere, within the last 48 hours, and are very unhappy with the results then contact us immediately as we can preform emergency removal. 


It is preferred to have it done within 24 hours of the procedure to obtain the best results possible. Client's must be realistic in their expectations, Emergency removal will not guarantee that no pigment will heal into the skin but it will lighten it considerably while making it much easier for future saline tattoo removal sessions if necessary.

Not all tattooing can be reworked and that is why we found it very important to offer this treatment at the studio. We can also target certain areas around cosmetic tattooing, in case we can rework the area around the unwanted ink and tweak the shape. 

Please do not attempt removal yourself at home under any circumstances, removal or correction of previous semi-permanent makeup should only be undertaken by a skilled professional. DO NOT try do it yourself "DIY" methods.  DIY removal methods can permanently scar skin, making it impossible to correct. Wrecking creams, non-professional salt removals and other gimmicks do not work. At home semi permanent makeup options for removal simply are not effective and have big risks attached.

What is saline tattoo removal?


Saline tattoo removal is an effective, all-natural, cost friendly alternative to other lightening/removal treatments.  


How does it work?


Saline tattoo removal is a hypertonic saline solution that is tattooed into your existing permanent makeup or small tattoo.  The solution attaches to the pigment and lifts the pigment out of the skin by osmosis.


Will this work on my tattoo?


Saline tattoo removals can be performed on traditional body tattoos or permanent makeup tattoos. Depending on the size of the tattoo, it can take several sessions to remove/lighten treated area. 


Does it hurt more than a regular tattoo?


Clients are numbed throughout the procedure to help maintain their comfort. After the session is complete, clients should expect to be sore and have a good amount of plasma and blood on the surface of the procedure area which is needed in order to extract the pigment from the skin.



Saline removal is just as effective as laser and microdermabrasion removals. 


What should I be aware of?


All pigment lightening/removal treatments have pros and cons. Each individual needs to determine which system is best for their situation. Saline removal is popular because it is cost effective, does not create scar tissue and treats all pigment colors. Saline removal is ideal for those with sensitive skin, and those who have had an allergic reaction to ink pigment.




  • With laser tattoo removal, the laser breaks up the ink of the tattoo and then the broken-up ink is absorbed into the body. In saline removal, most of the ink is lifted up through the surface of the skin. Although the body does try and excrete the ink particles after laser, this is a non-issue with saline removal. It just comes up and out!

  • In laser removal, different laser machines emit certain wavelengths which can limit the target of removal to only certain colors of the ink.  Laser is unable to remove white because white pigment reflects the entire spectrum of visible wavelengths of light vs absorbing light, this means you cannot target it with a laser. 

  • Saline removal is not limited in removal of different inks or pigments, it works on ALL colors of pigment.

  • If brow removal is warranted, saline removal will preserve your brow hair. Laser tattoo removal damages the follicles of existing brow hair and it may or may not grow back.


If you have questions or want to know if the saline alternative is right for you contact us at (712) 229-9897, or schedule a consultation online appointments.