This progressive solution eliminates any need for lotions and ointments by locking in the body’s natural fluids and enzymes to keep the skin moist. The bandage has a breathable, gas permeable design that allows the skin to get the oxygen it needs to heal while still protecting it from water, dirt, germs, and friction. This reduces scabbing and allows the skin to heal efficiently and naturally without any interferences. The second skin bandage is incredibly light and flexible. It will stay adhered to your body while providing full range of motion, whether you need to shower, want to work out, or tend to toss and turn in bed.

By providing this level of protection, second skin dramatically reduces overall healing time, scabbing, fading, itching, and pain. Clients have found that their healed tattoo colors remain more vibrant.


1.    Leave second skin on for 7 days. If the edges roll up trim them with scissors.

2.    Keep new tattoo out of sun for 2 weeks.

3.    Do not soak your tattoo. No bathtubs, pools, jacuzzis, river or ocean water until tattoo is healed.

4.    To remove second skin, use cool clean water and mild antibacterial soap. Gently pull off. After removal of second skin, wash area with water and antibacterial soap, pat dry and apply thin layer of light, non-scented lotion. We recommend Hustle Butter.

We have done our part now it’s your turn. We want your tattoo to heal correctly and nicely. Please call us with any questions and concerns (712) 229-9897.

Second skin 7 days.jpg

If your second skin comes off before 7 days

Not everyone is able to keep their second skin for 7 days. If possible, keep the second skin on 3 days. If at any time your skins shows’ signs of red bumps, rash, extreme redness or feels fiery hot immediately remove the second skin following the directions listed below.

  1. To remove second skin, gently pull of using cool clean water and mild antibacterial soap. 

  2. Remove any adhesive residue with  cool water, a mild anti-bacterial soap.

  3. If needed  you can use a lite non-scented lotion to help loosen any residue.

  4. Use clean towel or paper towel to gently pat the area dry.

  5. Allow the tattoo to air dry until the area is completely dry.

  6. Repeat these steps for at least five to seven days.

  7. We do not recommend applying any lotions or salves for 7 days from the day of getting your tattoo. Keeping it clean and dry is the best thing you can do.

  8. After your tattoo is healed, we recommend applying a thin layer of Hustle Butter or Kanaway Salve once a day. This will help keep  your tattoo looking  its best.


  1. Signs of infection or irritation include: redness on or around the area and/or throbbing pain after two days, heavy scabbing, and bleeding or pussing on or around the area.

  2. If your tattoo becomes overly irritated,  call us for alternative healing recommendations.

  3. If tattoo is overly irritated, do not put ointment or plastic wrap on it as this can trap infection close to your body.

  4. If any of the above are occurring without improvement or you have a fever, CALL A PHYSICIAN.


DO NOT PICK AT OR TOUCH YOUR TATTOO: Picking at the healing tattoo or excessively touching the tattoo WILL cause irritation, delays in the healing process, or the need for a touch up much sooner than should be needed if the tattoo was able to heal properly.


  • After your tattoo is completely healed it MIGHT require a touch up

  • We guarantee our work

  • Offer a 6 month free touch

  • Touch ups are only offered Monday through Thursday


***REMINDER*** We do not offer touch ups on fingers, feet or ears tattoos. As we explained, these tend to “fall out”. Tattoo shops each have their own aftercare procedures. Aftercare procedures differ according to how a tattoo is applied and the equipment that is used. When the shops aftercare procedures are not followed, any  healing concerns you maybe having ant not be determined. Call us before deviating from our aftercare advice.  (712) 229-9897.