Aftercare is crucial to a beautifully healed tattoo or piercing.

Here is what you can do! 

Our best advice for people who have questions about their new tattoo or piercing is CONTACT YOUR ARTIST OR STUDIO! Each artist/shop has developed an aftercare plan that woks with their procedures and products. Just because a different healing method worked for you in the past does not mean that it will work for you with your new tattoo or piercing. When you do not follow the recommend aftercare it makes it extremely difficult, for anyone, to determine for what is going on with your tattoo or piercing. The aftercare we have listed on our page is for clients who have had work performed in our shop. 

When people have concerns about their new tattoo they tend to surf the internet, consult family and friends for a diagnoses and treatments. Our recommendation is contact the place you had the tattoo or piercing  applied at. If you are not getting the results you like contact a physician.

Washing your hands before touching your fresh tattoo or piecing and keeping it clean and dry are two crucial factors we recommend for our clients.  

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Click on the links below to see what we recommend for our clients.

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